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Forrester’s Cleaning Services is locally owned and operated and all personnel are fully COVID-19 vaccinated. David Forrester, one of the owners, used to own one of the biggest cleaning franchises in Melbourne, managing over 32 cleaning professionals, delivering services to a host of residential and commercial customers. At Forrester’s Cleaning Services, he brings his extensive knowledge and expertise to the properties and businesses of Cairns, the northern beaches and surrounding suburbs. If you want to engage a cleaning company committed to excellence, contact Forrester’s Cleaning Services to arrange a free, no obligation site inspection and quote. Phone 0459 755 555 or email

Free Quotes

We’ll meet you at your property and prepare a comprehensive quote, to meet your specific cleaning needs.

Reliable Service

Our team are there when you need us. We work day and night, 7 days a week, to get your home or office looking its best.

Professional Standards

Forrester’s Cleaning Services benchmark their work with the best in business. Excellent experience. COVID-19 vaccinated and compliant.

Experienced Cleaners

A team of experienced cleaners, using the latest technology, products and innovation to provide outstanding results.

Forrester’s Cleaning Services

Was founded to provide professional Cairns cleaning services, to residential and commercial customers across the city, the northern beaches and surrounds. When you choose Forrester’s Cleaning Services, you can be assured of first-class work delivered with pride and an absolute attention to detail.

We don’t cut corners. We meet with you to understand your desired cleaning outcomes and then tailor our services to deliver those results.

You Can Count On Us

Every representative in the Forrester’s Cleaning Services team, is committed to achieving outstanding customer service. From the first point of contact, to the end of every clean, we’re driven in the pursuit of cleaning excellence, completing work to exceed your expectations.

Whether we are in your home, office and/or working space, you can be assured of quality, honesty and integrity. We are honest, insured and all personnel are fully COVID-19 vaccinated. We look forward to working with you.

We Guarantee Satisfaction
Our Clients Love What We Do

All of my friends insisted that I use your service when I needed a cleaning service. Boy, am I glad I listened. You were prompt and I felt I was getting an honest deal. Thanks for the great service!

Jackie A

Our Office contains Private and Confidential information, not just for private clients, but handling Government Agency's legal works as well. We would only deal with a trusted and secure business. When David came to our office to quote, he let us know we could choose our own alarm code. Left swipes and door keys, so we knew when cleaners entered and left. Also, that should our security firm call them, they would have someone to answer, thus we would not get charged a call out fee. I will say too, that at all times when I have had to deal with the office, or needed clarity on invoices, it has been handled efficiently and professionally.

Maureen W

We all are in awe of the completeness of their work and thoughtfulness of their touch in every room

Clare H

David takes very special care ensuring our facility is in pristine state every morning when we come in. Forrester’s is very consistent. They’re very willing to go above the call to get the job done and incredibly responsive.

David H

Don't know which team of angels you sent to my home yesterday, but I cannot thank you enough! I had just arrived home from a week away, and I was concerned that the cleaning staff would have a dirtier-than-usual job to do because my family didn't keep up with things the way I do when I'm home. Then when I came home last night, I found my home not only clean but transformed! I know they went above and beyond the services you normally provide. They neatened up things everywhere and made my youngest daughter's room into perfect and neat order. We all are in awe of the completeness of their work and thoughtfulness of their touch in every room. I know I can't expect this with every cleaning, as I am sure it took them much more time than usual to add these special, loving touches. PLEASE pass along to them my heartfelt thanks. With my oldest daughter's wedding in less than a month, and my youngest daughter's looming engagement, and all the normal "stuff" of life, the timing of this blessing could not have been better. Thank you so very much.

Lynn C

We’ve been using Forrester’s for the last 4 years. The quality and reliability of their service is first rate. Our premises are quite large and the level of detail provided by their hardworking team is exceptional. We would highly recommend them to anyone.

Ash L

They met or exceeded expectations on everything we could throw at them.

Mike S

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